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Sunday, May 21, 2017

More Fresh ideas on how to save money


Save an old spray bottle. Fill 1/3 with your favorite detergent. Add water. This way you will get
less chemicals on your laundry.Spots will come clean.

Laundry Location

If your laundry is located in the basement, pick up another set of a washer and dryer.Most
used appliance dealers offer a 90 day return.

Get them plumbed.Start one washer.When it goes to the wash cycle, start the other washer.
Have someone put up a couple of clothes lines for you.Now bring 5 laundry baskets down stairs.
Wash only full loads when you can. Hang clothes on hanger by family member.

This way you can save 50% of your precious time.Your legs will love you. Another thought is to bring your laptop down and work on it till a load is done.Do not forget your phone.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Using clip chips

It is cheaper to pick up clip clothes pins for a dollar or two.

........................................cereal keepers
The Dollar Store now has a 3 pack of small.medium and a large cereal keeper.I love them.No cereal goes to waste.

.......................throwing out old coffee?
Do an experiment.Use a flavored coffee creamer.I use 1/2 cup coffee,1/2 cup creamer and ice.Stir.Let it set.Pick up a couple of those new large ice cube rubber trays.You can even pour leftover coffee in one to save all your coffee!

*Mary Bird’s Information Place

*What is success on the internet?


Grocery lists and easy way to balance checkbook for Senior Citizens.
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